Download: Maya – Free Student Version


Important initial settings: Autosave, Incremental save and undo

Creating a project/setting

Task 1: Barrel Tutorial Video(Includes use of box modelling, move, rotate, scale, extrusion, duplication)

Task 2.1: Creating a low poly chair Tutorial (Includes use of box modelling, offset extrusion, merging, symmetry, bevel and soft select)

  • Task 2.2: Using techniques shown in the previous video create your own Chair and then Table

Task 3: Wine Glass Surfaces Tutorial Video  (Using the curve tool to create quick objects)

Task 4: Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 1 – Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 2 (Includes time saving techniques using  duplicate special)

Task 5: Creating a toy train 11 part series(Includes image planes, Align, bevel, make live, snapping, parenting, layers, isolation and optimisation.)

Task 6: Creating basic Terrain – Creating basic water

Task 7: Creating twisted rope (Using the curve tool – similar technique could be used for belts/flowing fabric)

UV Editing Tutorials/Exercises

Basic tutorial textures(Needed for task 1)

Task 1: Basic Video tutorials: Crate – Cylinder – Cereal Box

Task 2: UV Mapping a book – (Download book model first then follow the video)

Rigging and Animation

First animation PP

Introduction to animation and using keyframes

Modelling a basic desk lamp for animation

Rigging a desk lamp – Part 1 – Part 2

Lighting – Part 1 – Part 2

Camera Basics

Character Creation

Starting with a basic polygon cube with subdivision settings of: Width: 2, Height 5, Depth 1. Use the extrusion tool to create a low poly human character.

To set up your image planes go to View > Image Plane > Import Image, then select your file(s).

Low Poly Character Creation Tutorial (Link includes reference images) (No Sound)

Character Rigging and Skinning

Rigging and skinning a human character – Rigging – Skinning

Character UV Mapping

Soldier tutorial files

Soldier video tutorial