ASSIGNMENT 1 – P1 – DOWNLOAD: Assignment 1 – P1 (Due 10/10/2016 Group B – 14/10/2016 Group A)

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Task 1

Create an on-line presentation (blog), written report, video or other form of presentation which shows your understanding of the development history of game platforms. Create a timeline including the different generations of hardware and technical developments.

Task 2

 Write an article for an online game ezine/blog on the types of interactive game platforms, highlighting their limitations.

  • investigate the features and limitations of arcade and console game platforms
  • investigate the features and limitations of PC, mobile and TV game platforms

Helpful links:

Video Game History: Video 1Video 2Video 3

Weekly Exercises:


Week 1 – Title: My gaming machines – Then & Now

  • Compare your first machine to your current. What can you do now that you couldn’t then.
  • List release dates.
  • Why did you like them? List some positive & negatives
  • What are/where some of your favourite games?
  • Console hardware specs(think about my example)
  • List any websites you use for help. Include pictures etc.


Week  2 – Title: Types of Gaming Machines

  • Research and explain what arcade, console, pc and mobile gaming machines are.
  • What’s the difference? Compare the different formats. List advantages & Limitations
  • Are they standalone? Do they need any other to equipment to work.
  • Use examples, pictures, videos etc. List your references.