Topic 1 – Then and Now – History of Games Technology

Week 1: Gaming machines – Then & Now

PP – Brief History of Gaming

  • Compare your first machine to your current. What can you do now that you couldn’t then. What’s are the differences?
  • List release dates.
  • Why did you like them? List some positive & negatives
  • What are/where some of your favourite games?
  • Console hardware specs(think about my example)
  • List any websites you use for help. Include pictures etc.



Topic 2 – Types of game hardware

Assignment 1 -Brief listed below

Task 1

Create a timeline including the different generations of hardware and technical developments. This could be done as an on-line presentation (blog), written report, video or other form of presentation which shows your understanding of the development history of game platforms.

You must:

  • Identify and list gaming platforms from the past and present that make up the different generations highlighting key platforms in game hardware history.
  • Compare the different technological advancements between each generation

Task 2

Write an article for an online game ezine/blog on the types of interactive game platforms, highlighting their limitations.

Your article must:

  • investigate the features and limitations of arcade and console game platforms
  • investigate the features and limitations of PC and mobile game platforms

PPTypes of game platforms

History of game platforms video link

Console History Timeline

Don’t forget controllers and interfaces!

Useful Links:

Evolution of Xbox

Evolution of PlayStation

Evolution of PC

Topic 3 – Understand hardware technologies for game platforms

Completed Motherboard Exercise

PowerPoint – Central Processing Unit(CPU)


Assignment Briefs

Assignment 1

Task 1: 02/11/2017 Group B – 31/10/2017 Group A

Task 2: 09/11/2017 Group B – 07/11/2017 Group A