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301COM Assignment 1 – Upload Point

Check assignment brief before uploading to make sure you have completed all tasks and documentation. You will have to submit a hard copy after Christmas.

Then leave a link to your work below including your full name.


  1. Callum Harrison

    Assignment 1 – Callum Harrison

  2. James Perkins

    Assignment 1 James Perkins

  3. Daniel Jacobs

    Assignment 1 Modelling and Animation – Daniel Jacobs

  4. Marcus Immins

    Assignment 1 Modelling and Animation – Marcus Immins

  5. Liam Halford

    Assignment 1 – Liam Halford

    P.s. having difficulty uploading but alot of the stuff is there the other stuff is in progress and should get uploaded within the next few hours

  6. Joe Langley

    Assignment 1 – Joe Langley

  7. Rachel osho

    My assignment 1

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