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P4 – Analysis of a Computer Game

You have been commissioned to write a critical article on a chosen category of game for a games magazine.

You will:

  • Select appropriate games for analysis
  • Play games critically, taking notes
  • Analyse genre characteristics
  • Analyse narrative structures
  • Analyse representation of characters
  • Write article
You can choose any game you like. Preferably a game you are currently playing at home. Make sure it is a game with lots of content and which you feel confident about going into plenty of detail about. The game chosen needs to have a strong narrative.
Include the following:
  • Analysis of the game – Graphics, sound, selection/construction of content, codes and conventions
  • Narrative Structure  – Who, what, where, when and how? Why do you think the story is good or bad? Link – Article is talking about film but relates to game story too.
  • Representation of Characters – Who are the main characters?. Are they represented positively or negatively? Are they stereotypes?
  • Define the audience/Target demographic.  Who is the game aimed at?
  • How is that audience addressed
  • The chosen games genre analysed – Has the genre changed over the years?  What do we expect from the genre and does the game deliver.


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