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Unit 13: Understanding the games industry P3 Submit

Please submit your assignment 3 below:



  1. Ioan Burrell

    Distinction pls

  2. Chris Spurgeon
    contracts work

  3. Rowan Hawkins-Oldfield

    It’s ya boi, Hawk

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Connor Whitmore

    Connor Whitmore

    Contracutal Agreements Assignment (P4) of Unit 13: Understanding the Games Industry


  5. Kieran Lambell

  6. Muhammed Yunus Patel

    Hello James, I have finished the Unit 1 and Unit 13 but I left the Unit 13 on the college computer and I don’t have it on me. So should i come on friday??
    Do we have day of for tutorial?

    Unit 1-

  7. kieran Lambell

    Unit 13:

  8. Ashden Bauer
    Here is my unit 13 WORK

  9. Muhammed Yunus Patel

    Unit 13 –

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