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Unit 20 – Assignment 1 – Group A

Assignment 1 Brief

Please include links to task 1 and 2 along with your name below.


  1. Andrew Sutton

    Task 1 and Task 2:

  2. callum horlsey

    task 1 and 2

    • admin

      Feedback given. Grade Finalised.

  3. Paddy Thorpe

    Paddy Thorpe
    task 1-
    task 2-

    • admin

      Marked, feedback needed.

  4. Dean smith

    Task 1 and 2 Dean Smith

    • admin

      Feedback given

    • admin

      Feedback needed. Tasks not complete.

    • admin

      Marked feedback needed.

    • admin

      Task 1 placed in trash please provide new link or move from trash.

      Marked, feedback needed

  5. Alex Barber

    Task 1 and 2:

  6. admin

    Nabeel, Morgan and Harrison need to upload work.

  7. admin

    Harrison sent as email.

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