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Unit 66 Assignment 2 Upload point

Please leave a comment with a link to your work and your name below.


  1. Honesty

  2. Connor Whitmore

    Assignment 2 – Ideas for 3D Models:

    Connor Whitmore

  3. ☠☠☠Rowan☠☠☠
    ☠ Rowan Hawkins Oldfield ☠

  4. Ashden Bauer Layout got messed up in drive upload, emailed you original if you cant read it.

  5. Anonymous

    – Charles Hardy

  6. Christopher Spurgeon
    Chris Spurgeon

  7. Sam Warren

    – Sam Warren

    • Ben Allardyce


  8. Kieran Lambell and Muhammed Yunus Patel

    here u go bb 😉

  9. connor hill

    assignment 2 ~

  10. Anonymous

  11. Yigit Goksel

    Some images are covering text, once it has been downloaded it will be fixed.

  12. Ioan Burrell
    Visible version

  13. Andrew gambrell
    Andrew gambrell

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