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Unit 66 Assignment 3 Upload point

Please provide a link to your work below. It should include your documentation and videos or sketchfab links to your completed models.

If exporting textures with your model to sketchfab make sure “Embed Media” is ticked on and you use a fbx file format within Maya. This should mean your textures are imported correctly to sketchfab.


  1. Connor Whitmore

    Connor Whitmore
    Unit 66 67 3D Model Creation

    Google Drive Link:

  2. chris spurgeon

    chris spurgeon

  3. Sam Penrith Jaques

    Sam Penrith Jaques

  4. Muhammed Yunus Patel

    My Three Models:

  5. Sam Warren

    Sam Warren –

  6. Ashden Bauer here is the link to the document, i have emailed you the original just in case the format messes up.

  7. Ioan Burrell


    • Sarah Herbert

      Sorry its a little messed up because it was converted from a pages file to a word document so I’ll try and sort out the layout when I’m home.

  8. Honesty Bradshaw

    Honesty Bradshaw

  9. Rhys Williams

    unit 66 work

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