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Unit 67 – Assignment 4 Submit

Task 1 – Generate ideas and specification documentation for a trailer/advert or cut-scene.

Task 2 – Create an animation in Autodesk Maya which lasts at least 30 seconds based on your idea developed in Task 1.

Leave a link to your assignment with your name saying whether it is Task 1 or Task 2.


  1. Charlie Long

    task 1 –

  2. Charlie Long

    task 1 brief –

  3. Dan Danaher

    Brief, Storyboard, and Timeline.
    Daniel Danaher

  4. Amy Flanagan

    Task 1:

    I’m pretty certain I posted this before.

  5. Amy Flanagan

    Task 2:

  6. Joao Teixeira

    joao teixeira

  7. Jack H L Walker

    task 2 part 1

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