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Unit 72: Assignment 2 – Group B

Then upload that file below with your name. Remember to include documentation for all 4 tasks.


  1. Jude Everitt

  2. Brad Geary

    heres my assingment

  3. Luqman Ali

    task 3 extra information

  4. Luqman Ali

    complete package

    im sorry for not putting it all in together but this will be easier to navigate and mark.

  5. leah

    leah’s assignment, all tasks (1,2,3,4)

  6. Marc Whitworth

    (Writer’s block is fun)

  7. Lewis Parker :)!AqTVT_-IIIBwjR0R74H0p2CeMreQ
    Ya Boi Lew Lew

  8. Luqman Ali

    Storyboard link updated (referral)

  9. Luqman Ali

    storyboard link as it didnt work, should work now

  10. scott lancaster
    the actual one 🙂

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