Unreal Engine Tutorials/Exercises

Week 13 – Introduction to Unreal Engine

3D Modelling Tutorials/Exercises

Week 12 – Introduction to 3D Modelling

Maya – Free Student Version

Useful sites to show off your creations:

PP – Applications of 3D and Maya Intro

Why ngons are bad article

Important initial settings: Autosave, Incremental save and undo

Creating a project/setting

Task 1: Barrel Tutorial Video(Includes use of box modelling, move, rotate, scale, extrusion, duplication)

Task 2.1: Creating a low poly chair Tutorial (Includes use of box modelling, offset extrusion, merging, symmetry, bevel and soft select)

  • Task 2.2: Using techniques shown in the previous video create your own Chair and then Table

Task 3 : Creating a Coliseum Tutorial Video

Game Design Principles

Week 1Introduction to Game Design Principles PP

Task 1: Blogger Google Drive setup

Blogger How to

Task 2: – Game Design Principles Worksheet

Link to your Blog: Group AGroup B

Week 2 Gameplay and Mechanics PP

Starter exercise – Genre Match

Week 3 – Assignment workshop
Week 4 – Gameplay Styles
Week 5 – Introduction to gaming history and Storytelling
Week 6 – Gaming Hardware and history  PP
Week 7 – Video Game History Pt1

Console History Timeline – 25 Greatest Video game breakthroughs article

Week 8 – Video Game History Pt2

Great books to read:

    • Replay: The History of Video Games by Tristan Donovan
    • Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture by David Kushner
  • Console Wars: Sega Vs Nintendo – and the Battle that Defined a Generation by Blake Harris
Week 9 – Game Engines
Week 10 – Assignment Workshop