Level 3 Games Design Year 1

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Unit 72: Computer Game Design
(Unit 1: Pre-production Techniques for the creative Media Industries & Unit 2: Communication Skills for Creative Media Production embedded)

Unit 74: Computer Game Story Development
Unit 20: Computer Game Platforms and Technologies

Assignment Upload Points

Unit 20 – Assignment 1(Brief) (Includes Task 1 and 2) – Due: WC 6/11/17:
Upload here: Group AGroup B

Unit 20 – Assignment 2(Brief) – Due: WC 19/02/18:
Upload here: Group AGroup B

Unit 72: Assignment 1(Brief) – Due: WC 20/11/17:
Upload here: Group AGroup B

Unit 72: Assignment 2(Brief) – Due: 13/03/18:
Upload here: Group A – Group B

Unit 74: Assignment 1(Brief) – Due: WC 18/12/17
Upload here: Group AGroup B

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