Need image planes for your model? Try googling for reference images or blueprints. E.g “Car Reference image”, “Car blueprint image”.  You could also try the keyword “Turnaround sheet”.

Click here to read how to set up Maya for the correct scale in Unreal


Unit 67 – 3D Animation (Current Unit)

Assignment Brief 1 – Due: Task 1: 13/04/2018 Task 2: 11/05/2018 (Current)

Unit 66 & 67 – 3D Modelling & Animation

Assignment Brief 1 – Due: 03/11/2017
Assignment Brief 2 – Due: 11/12/2017 – Unit 66 Assignment 2 – Checklist
Assignment Brief 3 – Due: 09/02/2018 – Unit 66 Assignment 3 – Checklist

Upload site:

If exporting textures with your model to sketchfab make sure “Embed Media” is ticked on and you use a fbx file format within Maya. This should mean your textures are imported correctly to sketchfab.


Unit 67 3D Animation

Topic 1 – Principles of Animation

PP – 12 Principles of Animation

Link: 12 Principles short video series

Topic 2 – First Animation

Guide: Bouncing ball

Topic 3 – Pre-production for animation

PP – Assignment brief, storyboards, moodboards for assignment 1 Task 1

Downloads: Storyboard

Videos: Luxo Jr ShortMinions – Making of the Buckingham Palace Scene

Topic 4 – Creating the animation

Modelling a basic desk lamp for animation

Rigging a desk lamp – Part 1 – Part 2

Lighting – Part 1 – Part 2

Camera Basics

Unit 66 3D Modelling

Topic 1 – Applications of 3D and Introduction to Maya

PP – Applications of 3D and Maya Intro

Important initial settings: Autosave, Incremental save and undo

Creating a project/setting

Barrel Tutorial Video – Upload Point: Barrel Task

Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 1 – Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 2 – Upload Point: Coliseum Task

Wine Glass Surfaces Tutorial Video


Topic 2 – Theories of 3D Modelling & Modelling Techniques

PP – Theories of 3D Modelling & Modelling Techniques

PP – Displaying 3D polygon animations

Topic 3 – Modelling and Maya Basics

Creating a toy train tutorial

Toy Train Image Planes

Bonus: Geometry sculpting – Creating basic waster – Creating twisted rope

Topic 4 – Designing 3D Models

Topic 5 – Creating 3D Character Models Tutorials

Link to an excellent book on character creation. Available from the library.

Starting with a basic polygon cube with subdivision settings of: Width: 2, Height 5, Depth 1. Use the extrusion tool to create a low poly human character.

To set up your image planes go to View > Image Plane > Import Image, then select your file(s).

Low Poly Character Creation Tutorial (Link includes reference images) (No Sound)

Topic 6 – UV Texturing 3D models

PP – UV Mapping and Texturing

Basic tutorial textures

Basic Video tutorials: Crate – Cylinder – Cereal Box

Soldier tutorial files

Soldier video tutorial

Topic 7 – Creating 3D models for a game

Topic 8 – Rigging and Skinning

Rigging and skinning a human character – Rigging – Skinning

Importing to Unreal Engine: 

Importing to Unreal(Replacing the default Unreal character) – Written guide to skeleton re-targeting

If you want to import your model into unreal and replace the existing default model make sure you rig your model so that it looks similar to below:

Topic 9 – Evaluating your 3D models

Free texture sites: