NWC604COM – Ubiquitous Computing

Assignment 1 – Design and plan a ubiquitous system to be used in a real life situation (50%)
Assignment 1 – Upload point – Due 12/04/2018

Assignment 2 – Create and build the planned ubiquitous system and evaluate its functionality. (50%)
Assignment 2 – Upload point – Due 28/05/2018  04/06/2018

Topic 1 – Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing

Introduction Power Point

Introduction Worksheet

Topic 2 – Arduino

Introduction Power Point

Topic 3 – Ubiquitous Computing – What you need to know

Theory for Assignment 1 Task 1

Theory for Assignment 1 Task 2 and 3

NWC601COM – 3D Modelling & Animation

Assignment 1 – 301COM Animated Vista – 30%

Assignment 2 – 301COM Portfolio – 70%

Assignment 1 – Upload Point

Assignment 2 – Upload Point

Assignment help:

PowerPoint assignment 1 guide
Useful article to help with evaluation 
Optimising you Maya model or scene
Storyboard template

Need image planes for your model? Try googling for reference images or blueprints. E.g “Car Reference image”, “Car blueprint image”.  You could also try the keyword “Turnaround sheet”.

Topic 1 – Applications of 3D and Introduction to Maya

PP – Applications of 3D and Maya Intro

PP – Understand theory and applications of 3D

Important initial settings: Autosave, Incremental save and undo

Creating a project/setting

Barrel Tutorial Video

Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 1 – Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 2

Wine Glass Surfaces Tutorial Video

Topic 2 – Modelling and Maya Basics

Creating a toy train tutorial

Toy Train Image Planes

Geometry sculptingCreating basic water – Creating twisted rope

Topic 3 – UV Mapping and Texturing

PP – UV Mapping and Texturing

Basic tutorial textures

Basic Video tutorials: CrateCylinder – Cereal Box

Soldier tutorial files

Soldier video tutorial

Topic 4 – Rigging and Animation

Introduction to animation and using keyframes

Modelling a basic desk lamp for animation

Rigging a desk lamp – Part 1 – Part 2

Lighting – Part 1 – Part 2

Camera Basics

Topic 5 – Character Creation

Link to an excellent book on character creation. Available from the library.

Starting with a basic polygon cube with subdivision settings of: Width: 2, Height 5, Depth 1. Use the extrusion tool to create a low poly human character.

To set up your image planes go to View > Image Plane > Import Image, then select your file(s).

Low Poly Character Creation Tutorial (Link includes reference images) (No Sound)

Topic 6 – Rigging and Skinning

Rigging and skinning a human character – Rigging – Skinning


Links: https://sketchfab.com/

Setting up scale in Maya for Unreal Engine

Setting up scale in Maya for Unity