Need image planes for your model? Try googling for reference images or blueprints. E.g “Car Reference image”, “Car blueprint image”.  You could also try the keyword “Turnaround sheet”.

NWC601COM – 3D Modelling & Animation

Topic 1 – Applications of 3D and Introduction to Maya

PP – Applications of 3D and Maya Intro

PP – Understand theory and applications of 3D

Important initial settings: Autosave, Incremental save and undo

Creating a project/setting

Barrel Tutorial Video

Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 1 – Coliseum Tutorial Video Part 2

Wine Glass Surfaces Tutorial Video

Topic 2 – Modelling and Maya Basics

Creating a toy train tutorial

Toy Train Image Planes

Geometry sculptingCreating basic waster – Creating twisted rope

Topic 3 – UV Mapping and Texturing

PP – UV Mapping and Texturing

Basic tutorial textures

Basic Video tutorials: CrateCylinder – Cereal Box

Soldier tutorial files

Soldier video tutorial



Setting up scale in Maya for Unreal Engine

Setting up scale in Maya for Unity