Units, learning outcomes and Contact info PP

Unit 2 – Networking


Brief – Assignment 2 – LAN Design & Implementation

Assignment 2 Task 1 Help

Design testing software by Cisco:  Packet Tracer  (Enrol, download software and follow tutorials to get started)

NOS’s and intro to security PP

Short article on small business networks

Download LAN Speed Test

Brief – Assignment 1 – Networking Essentials Report

Assignment 1 Help PP

Unit introduction and networking purpose, resources and models PP

Networking standards, topology and protocols PP

Networking Hardware PP

Fiber Optic Cable vs Twisted Pair Cable vs Coaxial Cable Article

VMWare Workstation download Link

Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal Help Table

Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal Exercise Sheet

IPv6 Stateless Auto Configuration Article & Link-Local

Unit 1 – Programming


Sololearn (Can do at home to help with understanding)

Exercises/sample code zip file

Introduction to unit 1 and Java PP

Interface Images(For exercises)

Installing JDK and Netbeans:

  1. Install JDK(Java Development Kit) Version 8 (Later versions will not work with Netbeans)
  2. Download IDE(integrated development environment) Netbeans (Java SE)

Packages list

Operator Reference Sheet

Command line, arguments and Java characteristics PP

Command line and Arguments Video demonstration

Introduction to algorithms PP

Bubble Sort Java Example Code

Big O Notation PP

Intro to logarithms(Help understanding of O(log n))

Object Oriented vs Procedural vs Event Driven Programming PP + IDE intro

10 Reasons to dump your Java IDE

Constructors, Swing GUI’s and Actions PP

Introduction to GUI building in Netbeans

Debugging in Netbeans exercise sheet

Assignment 3 guidance  and debugging theory PP

Unit 5 – Security

Resources: To be populated as course progresses