Unit 27 NOS – Assignment 2 due in Thursday 6/06/19

Task 2&3 Help/Guide PP

Task 3 security checklist 

Practical NOS walk-through/guide documents

Unit 46 – Network Security

Brief – Assignment – Network security report – SLiCk Network Solutions

Assignment help PP

Additional information:

Assessing risks and Organisational security

Example Diagram of ISO 27001 risk assessment and treatment process

Security resources – Policy examples, cyber attacks examples and further reading links

Unit 27 – Network Operating Systems

Assignment 1 – SLiCk Network Solutions (Available on Moodle)

Assignment 2 – SLiCk Network Solutions – Plan implement and manage a secure network (Available on Moodle)

Assignment 2 – Task 1 – Design Plan guide

Assignment 2 – Task 1 – Useful reading

Assignment 2 – Task 2&3 – Implementation, testing and analysis documentation help

Unit, networking, NOS introduction + theory for assignment 1 PP

Backup and Recovery Website Article 

VMWare Workstation download Link

Windows Server 180 Day evaluation ISO’s Link (We will use 2012/2016)

Design testing software by Cisco:  Packet Tracer  (Enrol, download software and follow tutorials to get started)

Practical NOS walk-through/guide documents

Unit 41 – Programming in Java

Assignment 1 – SLiCk Programming Solutions (Available on moodle)

Assignment 2 – Blackjack Game (Available on moodle)

Assignment 2 help docs and templates

Rules of BlackJack

Development Plan

Simple IPO Case Diagram

Relationship diagram Template

Pseudocode Example

Task 2 Implementation help (Suggestion and break down of one way to create the program)

IDE’s and Debugging

Debugging in Netbeans exercise sheet


Installing JDK and Netbeans:

  1. Install JDK(Java Development Kit) Version 8 (Later versions will not work with Netbeans)
  2. Download IDE(integrated development environment) Netbeans (Java SE)

Packages list

Introduction to Java and Unit 41 PP – (Includes units for the year, contact info for me and some intro theory

Conditionals PP

Command line, arguments and Java characteristics PP – Includes lots of theory to help with Assignment 1

Useful “Cheat sheet” introduction to the different programming languages

Command line and Arguments Video demonstration

Operator Reference Sheet

Exercises/sample code zip file

Constructors, Swing GUI’s and Actions PP

Interface Images(For exercises)

Introduction to GUI building in Netbeans


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